So  many times I tried to Copy/Move a larger file which is over 4Gb to my pen drive there is an error box is displaying the message " ".  Finally I got the Solution for that problem in simple steps.

    Hi to all, Happy Transferring Day. yes today is Transferring Day  for you only because in this post I'm going to show how to transfer larger files over 4gb to a Pen drive/Mmc..
                 Last week i've  downloaded DRP_14(driver pack solution) which is an 8.2Gb file. When I'm trying to copying the file to my Sandisk Pen drive 16Gb. There is a error message is showing 
           " File Size is Too Large "   
For this problem I do Google several times but are many solutions to solve this problem but in this post I'm going to show How To Do?

Follow the Steps:  

Step 1: Optimize the Flash Drive for Performance.
  • Plug in your device to PC.
Step 2: Open the Computer
  •  Press Right Click select --> Mange Console.
  • On left side select Device Manager Option.
  •  On Right side open Disk Drives
Step 3:  Select  your Flash drive device on the list. 
Step 4: Open Properties go to Policies Tab. 
Step 5: Select the  " Better Performance " and then click on OK.
Step 6: Open Computer and select the device Format the drive by selecting right click format       option. Before going to format Please BACKUP your Files..
Step 7: In the File System list, select NTFS.
Step 8: Click Start to format  flash Drive.
                  Now got the permissions to transfer your files. Enjoy Transferring.


              The Storage devices are formatted as FAT32 file system. The Fat32 file system has the limitations. Files larger than 4Gb can't be stored  on this Volume. NTFS is a journal file system.
It create more Rad/Write activities.
  •     While removing NTFS file system storage device please select " Safely Remove Hardware and Eject Media ".
   We can change the file system to exFAT type. But the exFAT file system is not compatible with some host systems like TV's, game systems, older Operating systems etc.

Formatting on a MAC Computer:
 To format on your MAC OS X.
Step 1:  Double click on Macintosh HD - or in the finder click  File-> New Finder Window
Step 2: Click on Applications Folder - if using a Finder Window Applications will be in the left side menu
Step 3: Click on Utilities Folder.
Step 4: Double click on  Disk Utility.
Step 5: On left side of the window are the devices connected to the computer. Select the capacity of the drive Respective to the one of the containing the device you wish to format then click the Erase tab.  
Step 6: Verify Volume  Format set to MS-DOS file system or exFAT then click Erase.
 Note: MAC OS  10.6.2 or higher is required for exFAT file System. Some older Operating systems must have patch installed before they can use the exFAT file system.
   Thank you.

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