Moto X with a Excellent Security

It is frustrating to remember difficult passwords while simpler passwords are easy to crack. To counter this, VivaLnk has launched digital tattoos. This tattoo will automatically unlock the Moto X when applied to the skin.This technology is based on Near Field Communication to connect with smartphone and authenticate access.

Motorola is working on optimizing digital tattoos with Google's Advance Technology and Projects. The pricing is on the higher side but this is a great initiative in wearable technology. Developing user friendly alternative to the password and PIN number has been a major focus of tech companies. Motorola had talked about this in the introductory session of the D11 conference at California this May, when it discussed the idea of passwords in pill or tattoo. The idea may seem like a  gimmick, but you never know when it will become commonly used. Vivalnk is working on making this technology compatible with other smartphones too. It is considering entering the domain of crating tattoos of different types and designs. - Posted By \\ jaKir Hussain.\\

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