How to recover deleted Files from Windows Phone / Memory Card?

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Hi to all, it has been long time to wrote another post in Tech. Help & Support Forum
Today i will show to how to recover files are permanently deleted from your Windows Phone / Memory Card.  This problem is personally faced by me and i find a simple and better solution for this. Please read carefully before going to start the recovering process.

How to Transfer a file over 4gb to a Pen drive/Mmc?

 So  many times I tried to Copy/Move a larger file which is over 4Gb to my pen drive there is an error box is displaying the message " ".  Finally I got the Solution for that problem in simple steps.

Alcatel's Onetouch Pixi phone can run any Os

Alcatel's Pixi phones can't actually triple boot into different OS.

                                                                         Alcatel announced Onetouch model Pixi phones in the market which can run different type of operating system in mobile Windows,Android,Firefox.

RJ-45 Wiring Standard

RJ-45 Conductor data cable is used for the data communication environment today.
In this post the Standards of RJ-45 Wiring is briefly discussed.

How to take Screenshot on your Device?

Seen something interesting on your Phone/Computer that you want to take a picture of?
Whether it's a error message on your desktop, text exchange with a friend on mobile chating, an unbelievable score in a game you've just played or something else, you can take a screenshot of it. Screenshots are saved in your storage area and are easy to share.


eBooks for Hacking Tricks and Tutorials

If you are someone who prefer to begin with practicals instead of mugging up theoretical lessons, then these ebooks are for you. These free guides shares tips and tricks that help you gain hands on experience on hacking.


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